Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Scrap Fabric Christmas Wreath

I am back from a lovely little break away with my two boys while Hubby was slaving away on the farm. One thing I did miss though, was my craft - I think I was having withdrawals! So when I got back I had to get into a new project straight away...

Now, I found this great idea from somewhere but now that I have gone back through my emails and Pinterest boards, do you think I can find where I found it from?! So, I am very sorry to the person who I pinched the idea from that I can't link back to you because my baby brain can't remember :(

(I do get emails sent to me from Meet Me at MikesCraftaholics Anonymous and Eighteen25 so more than likely I got the idea from one of these inspiring ladies!)

Anyway, back to the topic... A quick and easy Christmas Wreath....

Basically all you need is a wire coat hanger that you bend to make round, and a whole heap of different fabric scraps cut about 20cm long by about 5cm wide (you can be as rough as you like with your measurements and cutting too! Awesome, I know!). Then you just tie each of the pieces of scraps around the coat hanger, nice and close to each other so that you get a great looking wreath -like the one above - if do say so myself ;)

Note to self though: my sewing scissors are really sharp, so don't let my son grab them and then try and grab them back from him because he may just shut the scissors on my hand - and bloody nora it hurts!


P.S No whole pieces of fabric were hurt in the making of this item ;)


  1. what a great idea!! I think a home made wreath is wonderful and this looks fabulous!!!!

    #teamIBOT was here :)

  2. Looks awesome !

  3. Oooh, this looks fabulous!

    You tricky chook!

  4. Oh awesome Idea! I wonder if I can find enough scraps that are the right colour to pull this off!

  5. thanks girls! I was really fun and easy to make (bar the scissor cut!) and I think if you just use any colours of scrap fabric it would still look ok because the you tie the knots in such a random fashion!