Sunday, 29 July 2012


There is a reason superwoman looks likes she does...
a) She has MAGICAL POWERS people!
b) correct me if I'm wrong but she does not have a husband, children, family, workplace and community to please!
and c) just to reiterate she has MAGICAL POWERS people!

So the moral of todays blog is Keep It Simple Superwoman...

I am not sure about my readers but I am certainly one of those women that likes things done perfectly and at times thinks I need to be a Superwoman to please everyone including myself! But over time I have learnt some very valuable lessons mostly from women but also from the male species about how to make my life simpler. 

So here they are in no particular order...

- Frozen and canned veggies are ok! I have always thought as the perfect woman i must source and use fresh vegetables all the time so that my family and I are getting the most nutrients possible. The reality is that when you are running out of time and you haven't made it to the shops, whip out that spare bag of veggies from the freezer once in a while, no one will know the difference and the meal will taste exactly the same!

- Get yourself some facial wipes! A good friend of mine told me to do this when I had just had my first beautiful little boy and i thank her for the advice. They are time saving, especially at night when you are totally exhausted and just one to crawl into bed. They are quick enough to use and will still make you feel like half a superwoman!

- Buy two of all the essentials! This came about in our house late one evening when i was having a terrible day and my husband came home late from the farm to find no toothpaste in the house. He told me to go to bed and he trundled off to the supermarket and stocked up on toothpaste, bongella, vicks, soap, washing powder etc. His motto was to make life easier on ourselves and we have tried to maintain that stock supply ever since. 

- Make food in bulk and freeze it. Enough said!

- Take away is ok! Enough said!

- 'You have done the very best you can for today'. Everyday i get a daily truth email from and the above quote was in one. When I am feeling crap, I try and reiterate the quote to myself in the effort to increase my self reassurance that i am doing ok as a woman. Some days i have to work a bit harder than others but in the end the daily emails I get are certainly helpful to remind me that I am doing my very best every day! 

- Meditate, get enough sleep and have a rest day. Another website I have found helpful is and there is probably lots that you can take away but lots you can leave too! I have definitely taken the above three things away from this woman and I certainly feel better for it. 

Last week my rest day was a trip to Burra for coffee and cake with my little family... lovely!

- Be honest with your friends and family. More often than not they are going through the exact same crap that you are on any given day! I am sure that they would love to hear that they are not alone in juggling all their speical Superpowers that all of us Superwomen are trying to maintain!

I hope some of this advice is as helpful to you as it was to me and i would love to hear of any other tips to make life easier for all of us Superwomen out there! 


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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Who can keep a secret?

Well evidently, my wonderful husband has much difficulty keeping secrets! On the upside however, I will know if ever decides to have an affair on me because he will sport a silly cheeky grin that is quite infuriating when he wont tell me the whole story!!

It turns out that my closest girlfriends are much better poker faces than the male counter part, as I found out on the weekend. 

I was lucky and spoilt enough to be thrown a Surprise baby shower by two co-conspirators and a group of family, friends and workmates! 

It all started for me the week before, when I told my husband that he had the Sunday to 'himself' because a friend and i were taking the kids to lunch in a nearby town. At that point, i saw his face change to sheepish, silly grin. You know the ones in the cartoons where the mouth goes in to a squiggly line. I wondered at that point if something more than lunch was happening...

As the week went on and everytime I mentioned the weekend, my husband did his little sheepish grin, I became more and more suspicious. Luckily for him when I asked several of my friends and family members about the weekend they did a wonderful job of completely putting me off track. Although, i am not sure that my friends being able to lie so well to me or not is a good or bad thing. ;)

On the day of our lunch my friend came and collected my son and I and took us out for lunch. When we arrived at lunch, there was nothing, no friends, no party happening and it was at that point I thought I had a completely big head thinking something would be happening for ME. I confided in my friend and she said sorry, but nothing that she new of was happening and i was stuck with just her!!!

As we drove home after yummy lunch and Icecream, my friend kept messaging 'her Mum about going up to help with her gardening'! Luckily her hubby is a copper so if she was to get into trouble for it - he might have been able to help somehow!

But her messaging was all for a good cause because as I walked through our gate there were a bunch of beautiful women shouting 'SURPRISE' just for me! Just when i thought i was going to be able to go inside and have my mandatory pregnant arvo nap, twas not to be!

There was a huge afternoon tea spread on the table (and i wished i hadn't eaten the icecream earlier), there was decorations, games, presents, flowers and there was even a cake!

 But most of all, there were all the amazing relationships that i had built with the women in my life over the varying years. So to each and everyone of those wonderful women I want to say Thank you for being a part of my life, I am very lucky and spoilt to know you all! But a special thank you to the co-conspirators of this little event in my life, you are truly devious but i love you for it nevertheless!

p.s i also want to say thank you to my lovely husband who had to deal with all the hounding phone calls from the women in my life and it is nice to know that if he ever gets himself into trouble i will be able to suss him out when i see that silly, but cute, squiggly grin on his face. xo

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Me a mouse?

Well as the weeks roll on, this little bubba inside me is getting larger and larger. Along with this growth comes bubba's idea of using my bladder as a squeezie stress ball and my ribs for kick boxing sessions! 

But to top of it all off my wonderful and caring husband likened sleeping next to me at night, to sleeping amid a mouse plague!! Apparently my inability to get comfortable, my frequent toilet trips and internal heater are enough to equal a rodent infestation!!!! On the upside my husband was kind enough to tell me that there was a few differences in the comparison, of me and mouse; that being I didn't smell 'rank' like mice and nor did i bite like them. As you can imagine I was utterly overwhelmed with his kind words. 

Although I deny any rodent tendencies, there maybe one little similarity that i must accept at this time of my life, and that is a cheese or peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk anywhere between 12 midnight and 3am each night. Of course I also have to take it back to bed with me because it is soooo much warmer there!!! My kind and loving husband has to listen to me nibble away on my midnight snack and what is even better is he hates peanut butter, so if i am not sleeping well he might as well not sleep well either!!!

With all the love in the air in our house at the moment, I thought my husband and I could rise above our interrupted sleep patterns and take heed of my newest canvas I've been working on! 

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Things that are making me happy right now....

This week I thought i'd share a little list off things that are making me happy right at this moment in life (in no particular order....) 

1. Watching my son sleeping. Maybe because he is actually quiet! But also because he looks so peaceful and innocent and looks like nothing in the world is bothering him!

2. Coffee with condensed milk = bliss. However spilling said coffee over oneself, not so blissful because it is so much hotter!

3. Sitting under our pergola looking out into our yard. I love that it is our own little space in the world that changes each season. 

4. Saturday night couch time with my husband watching telly. It seems to be the only day of the week that we get to sit together on the couch and watch ABC's crime shows before our bedtime at 8.30! Yes that is what our life consists of at the moment - Saturday nights on the couch, watching ABC and in bed early to actually sleep! 

5. Crafting. No more needs to be said!

5. Standing under our shower! We have the best shower ever, with the best water pressure and on some days I could stay in there all day!

6. Laying in bed listening to my husband and son converse with each other in the morning. I love this because a) I'm still in bed and b) i love hearing my husbands voice which is gentle, smooth and filled with love and adoration and my sons voice loud, excited and filled with respect and admiration for his Dad! 

7. Any meal that my sister cooks! I love going to her house because i know there is always going to be something delicious on the table to eat! Cooking is just one of her many tricks that she has up her sleeve! (The other trick she has is taking great photos... and this is one of hers!)

8. Catching up with new and old friends! I've had the great pleasure to be able to do both in the last week and i come away thinking how very lucky I am to have them all in my life!

So i wonder if there is anything on my list that rings a bell with my readers and if not, what things are making you happy right at this moment in time?

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It's amazing what you can do...

Well after last week and nearly flushing myself down the toilet bowl with the rest of my stomachs contents, this week I have been flying high! The 'stop this woman throwing up all her nutritional intake' medication and the ' relieve this woman of excruciating facial pain' antibiotics have finally started to kick in and all i can say is "yay for drugs". 
So with all this extra time on my hands i have actually been able to indulge in some crafty fun! At the moment I am having a play with mixed media canvases that i have seen being done around the traps. I really love creating each piece because it really helps my soul soar!
So one of the first canvases i think is aptly named...

And the second piece i have done recently is for a newborn baby girl that I am looking forward to giving to her and her family...

...I just love the colors, images and words of this piece and I hope they make that beautiful baby girl smile as much as it does for this big girl!! Pin It