Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Me a mouse?

Well as the weeks roll on, this little bubba inside me is getting larger and larger. Along with this growth comes bubba's idea of using my bladder as a squeezie stress ball and my ribs for kick boxing sessions! 

But to top of it all off my wonderful and caring husband likened sleeping next to me at night, to sleeping amid a mouse plague!! Apparently my inability to get comfortable, my frequent toilet trips and internal heater are enough to equal a rodent infestation!!!! On the upside my husband was kind enough to tell me that there was a few differences in the comparison, of me and mouse; that being I didn't smell 'rank' like mice and nor did i bite like them. As you can imagine I was utterly overwhelmed with his kind words. 

Although I deny any rodent tendencies, there maybe one little similarity that i must accept at this time of my life, and that is a cheese or peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk anywhere between 12 midnight and 3am each night. Of course I also have to take it back to bed with me because it is soooo much warmer there!!! My kind and loving husband has to listen to me nibble away on my midnight snack and what is even better is he hates peanut butter, so if i am not sleeping well he might as well not sleep well either!!!

With all the love in the air in our house at the moment, I thought my husband and I could rise above our interrupted sleep patterns and take heed of my newest canvas I've been working on! 

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  1. well that makes me feel better after my darling's comment after being 2 weeks overdue 'it doesnt want to come out cause you built a mansion for it to live in!' love ur post very funny