Wednesday, 27 June 2012

30 weeks down... 10 to go....C'mon baby!

To all of you women who just love being pregnant and love having that pregnancy glow, may i say 'i am glad for you but also sod off!' Unfortunately for me that pregnancy glow is more of a very dim flicker that keeps threatening to go out!

I am now at the 30 week mark of my second pregnancy and so i feel that i can now report to you all that for some of us, pregnancy is not all glowing skin and eating for two!! I feel i now i have the authority to tell you about a week in the life of this preggo lady!

Tuesday- Still vomiting a couple of times a day with unrelenting morning sickness. And now to add to this an excruciating pain in my left jaw! Great a toothache!

Wednesday - An emergency trip to the dentist and a filling inserted! Oh wait, hang on a minute, after consulting with her boss the intern dentist decides that the filling wasn't really necessary and actually I have pulled a muscle in my jaw from all the vomiting!

Thursday- After a night of heat packs, panadol and frozen peas to my face not cutting the mustard, I take  a trip back to the doctor to get some stronger pain relief.

Friday - A trip to outpatients after another night and day of little pain relief and excessive vomiting where i am jabbed in the bum and given another lot of anti-vomit medication on top of what i am already taking.

Saturday - I cant even remember!

Sunday - Attempted to go to work to take my mind off the pain but was sent home after three hours because my vomiting was upsetting the patients!!
So back to outpatients I go to be diagnosed with sinusitis and ordered some antibiotics.

Monday - Antibiotics taken, panadol taken, anti-emetics taken, heat packs applied and Vicks vapor inhalations attended to and i think i may be starting to improve!!!

Tuesday- Definitely and finally on the improve - YAY!!! Still vomiting but hey you cant have everything can you?!
I am sure the above picture is what i feel i must look like, yet, incredibly everyone around me assures me that i look really well!

Needless to say, you may now imagine while I am completely over this pregnancy! But there is good news... the little bubba leech inside of me (who i do love) is thriving - typical!!! And there is only about 9 weeks of it to go. So c'mon baby lets make this 9 weeks go super fast!!! Pin It

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Whatever happened to the nights filled with dreams of enchanted gardens. walking on air or drinking rich, creamy, pink liquid marshmallows from gorgeous little tea cups.

Nowadays my nights consist of transportation crashes, arguments with the people I love or riding a bike. Yes learning to ride a bike is right up there in the bad dream department. I have vivid childhood memories of heading straight for a parked semi-trailer. You would think that I would be able to steer away from something so large - but alas no!
But I digress...

I used to think all these bad dreams meant something vital in my life ( which I am sure some may say they do.) I have begun to learn however, that bad dreams are just that... bad dreams. I can wake up from them and make my own dreams come true in everyday life. 

Now excuse me while I go and get myself some marshmallows to have a little tea party with...

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

A new beginning

I have just realized I have spent the last 6 months with my head in a toilet bowl (literally)! I seem to know little about news events...some husband in Brisbane has just been charged with his wife's murder... um what murder? ( No disrespect intended). And what is all this talk about a book titled '50 Shades of Grey'? All i have seen lately is 50 shades of my breakfast coming back up to say hello!

So with the help of some anti-vomit medication (hopefully), I am trying something new to keep me from sliding further into an exhausted pregnancy depression. This new beginning will with any luck not only lift your spirits but mine as well!

So to coincide with the title of this blog I decided to do just that at home too! I made a Blue Ribbon cookbook sultana cake, with the help of my keen 2 and half year old son. 
It actually turned out to be quite fun getting my son to help. There was mess and a little frustration but overall, we survived! I really enjoyed seeing the interest and eagerness for the next job on his face. As well as licking the beaters together!!!
Although we had to cut the burnt bits from around the entire cake, the middle was actually really nice! 

Unfortunately I don't think it would have run any Blue Ribbon prizes, but my husband said the sultanas were evenly spread so i think he was impressed. So maybe next time... Pin It