Wednesday, 27 June 2012

30 weeks down... 10 to go....C'mon baby!

To all of you women who just love being pregnant and love having that pregnancy glow, may i say 'i am glad for you but also sod off!' Unfortunately for me that pregnancy glow is more of a very dim flicker that keeps threatening to go out!

I am now at the 30 week mark of my second pregnancy and so i feel that i can now report to you all that for some of us, pregnancy is not all glowing skin and eating for two!! I feel i now i have the authority to tell you about a week in the life of this preggo lady!

Tuesday- Still vomiting a couple of times a day with unrelenting morning sickness. And now to add to this an excruciating pain in my left jaw! Great a toothache!

Wednesday - An emergency trip to the dentist and a filling inserted! Oh wait, hang on a minute, after consulting with her boss the intern dentist decides that the filling wasn't really necessary and actually I have pulled a muscle in my jaw from all the vomiting!

Thursday- After a night of heat packs, panadol and frozen peas to my face not cutting the mustard, I take  a trip back to the doctor to get some stronger pain relief.

Friday - A trip to outpatients after another night and day of little pain relief and excessive vomiting where i am jabbed in the bum and given another lot of anti-vomit medication on top of what i am already taking.

Saturday - I cant even remember!

Sunday - Attempted to go to work to take my mind off the pain but was sent home after three hours because my vomiting was upsetting the patients!!
So back to outpatients I go to be diagnosed with sinusitis and ordered some antibiotics.

Monday - Antibiotics taken, panadol taken, anti-emetics taken, heat packs applied and Vicks vapor inhalations attended to and i think i may be starting to improve!!!

Tuesday- Definitely and finally on the improve - YAY!!! Still vomiting but hey you cant have everything can you?!
I am sure the above picture is what i feel i must look like, yet, incredibly everyone around me assures me that i look really well!

Needless to say, you may now imagine while I am completely over this pregnancy! But there is good news... the little bubba leech inside of me (who i do love) is thriving - typical!!! And there is only about 9 weeks of it to go. So c'mon baby lets make this 9 weeks go super fast!!!

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