Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Who can keep a secret?

Well evidently, my wonderful husband has much difficulty keeping secrets! On the upside however, I will know if ever decides to have an affair on me because he will sport a silly cheeky grin that is quite infuriating when he wont tell me the whole story!!

It turns out that my closest girlfriends are much better poker faces than the male counter part, as I found out on the weekend. 

I was lucky and spoilt enough to be thrown a Surprise baby shower by two co-conspirators and a group of family, friends and workmates! 

It all started for me the week before, when I told my husband that he had the Sunday to 'himself' because a friend and i were taking the kids to lunch in a nearby town. At that point, i saw his face change to sheepish, silly grin. You know the ones in the cartoons where the mouth goes in to a squiggly line. I wondered at that point if something more than lunch was happening...

As the week went on and everytime I mentioned the weekend, my husband did his little sheepish grin, I became more and more suspicious. Luckily for him when I asked several of my friends and family members about the weekend they did a wonderful job of completely putting me off track. Although, i am not sure that my friends being able to lie so well to me or not is a good or bad thing. ;)

On the day of our lunch my friend came and collected my son and I and took us out for lunch. When we arrived at lunch, there was nothing, no friends, no party happening and it was at that point I thought I had a completely big head thinking something would be happening for ME. I confided in my friend and she said sorry, but nothing that she new of was happening and i was stuck with just her!!!

As we drove home after yummy lunch and Icecream, my friend kept messaging 'her Mum about going up to help with her gardening'! Luckily her hubby is a copper so if she was to get into trouble for it - he might have been able to help somehow!

But her messaging was all for a good cause because as I walked through our gate there were a bunch of beautiful women shouting 'SURPRISE' just for me! Just when i thought i was going to be able to go inside and have my mandatory pregnant arvo nap, twas not to be!

There was a huge afternoon tea spread on the table (and i wished i hadn't eaten the icecream earlier), there was decorations, games, presents, flowers and there was even a cake!

 But most of all, there were all the amazing relationships that i had built with the women in my life over the varying years. So to each and everyone of those wonderful women I want to say Thank you for being a part of my life, I am very lucky and spoilt to know you all! But a special thank you to the co-conspirators of this little event in my life, you are truly devious but i love you for it nevertheless!

p.s i also want to say thank you to my lovely husband who had to deal with all the hounding phone calls from the women in my life and it is nice to know that if he ever gets himself into trouble i will be able to suss him out when i see that silly, but cute, squiggly grin on his face. xo


  1. Oh Jess that is such a lovely gesture your beautiful friends did for you. I wish you and you hubby and son a very happy and wonderful experience with number 2. xxxx

  2. Well written Jess - you have a wag with words !