Saturday, 17 November 2012

DIY CD Christmas Banner

Following on from yesterdays Christmas kick-off, I thought I'd show you my DIY CD Christmas Banner and I how I went about it. Unfortunately for me I am not the clever one who thought of this cool idea - I found this idea here.
But I thought I'd show you how I went about it and any extra thoughts I had about the project.

What you will need:
- Old CD's
- Christmas scrap paper
- pencil
- scissors
- mod podge
- hole puncher
- ribbon
- Scrapbooking letters and embellishments.


1. Trace around the CD's with pencil and cut out with scissors. You will need enough pieces of paper to cover both sides of the CD's. Depending on what word you want on your banner will depend on how many CD's you will need and how many pieces of paper you will need. Eg I used the word WISH, so I needed four CD's and eight circles of scrap paper.

2. Glue the circles of paper to the CD's with Mod Podge. 

3. Put a whole in each of the CD's. I used a whole punch but the CD got stuck in the punch each time so I had to get my hubby to lever each one out with a screw driver. I have since found out that you can get special and cheap hole punching tools for such a purpose. So maybe try that instead!

4. Stick your letters on and add any embellishments you want to each CD.

5. Cut some ribbon long enough so that you can tie a knot at each CD, so they stay in place when they are hung up. 

And HEY PRESTO, you have a Christmas Banner. 

I loved making this as well as my CD Christmas decorations, which you can see here. Now don't forget, I am on the lookout for any DIY stars or angels for the top of my tree so feel free to hit me with your suggestions!



  1. I'd like to try this! Nice! Thanks for sharing... :)

  2. They look great Jess !

  3. Love these thanks for sharing. Find you via FYBF.

  4. This looks so pretty....awesome idea!

    PS: I would like to invite you to enter the inHomewares giveaway at my blog. Enter for your chance to win $50 voucher!

  5. Thanks girls for your lovely feedback! I am loving doing the crafty thing this festive season.

  6. Genius... I have CDs just begging to be used!

  7. These look awesome! Very cute idea! You are a Featured Favorite this week at Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! Thank so much for sharing this and others last week; we love having you! Can't wait to see what you've got for us this week!
    Have a great weekend!
    Mackenzie :)