Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am playing along with kate says stuff for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful that my husband has a job. Not because he nearly lost it or because of anything bad but because we now know that a job placement can be very fragile. Someone we know has just been made redundant from their job after 10 years of loyal service. I guess redundancy is not such an uncommon thing these days but what was more upsetting and enraging for the people involved was how it was done.
For a few months there was talk in the wind that the company was on shaky foundations, but the employees weren't really told anything so went to work everyday wondering if it would be there last. A few weeks ago, the person that we know went into work, went to his desk and found his computer gone. He sat at his desk for about 30 minutes and waited to see if anyone would come and talk to him about his missing computer. Nobody did. He went home. Much later that day his boss rang him to ask him for the company car to be returned. Our friend then asked WHY? (because he had been told nothing). The boss, said "oh, the Sydney head office was supposed to ring you a couple of days ago and tell you that you have been made redundant. To the employees credit (i think) he did say "well you can come and get your company car yourselves!"
And that was that. That was how this man found out that he no longer had a job. I think that this was disgusting behaviour from the company involved. It seems like that this man was just a number to this company not a human being with bills to pay and a life to lead. This man now finds himself in the mid years of his life jobless and wondering what to do next....

I would just like to take words from CS Lewis as some comfort for this man..

"You are never too old to set another goal 
or to dream a new dream".



  1. That is just terrible, all those years and no one can even bother to tell him to his face?

    Glad your husband is still employed, must have been pretty worrying not knowing what was going on.

    I feel bad for that man, and his family. I hope he found something else.

    1. thanks sophie... yeah its pretty crap but he is doing ok. He and his wife are looking to go caravanning around oz next year!