Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mixed media canvas

I am over half way of Blogtoberfest12 and really I don't think I have done too bad an effort for my first time...

Anyway, this afternoon I am off to a baby shower and didn't really have time to go and buy a present for the babe to be, so I thought I would make something instead. I am loving doing mixed media canvases when I get the time and I thought the lack of a present would be a great chance to get creative again.

So here is the final result...

I hope the mum to be enjoys this as much as I enjoyed making it!



  1. Wow the canvas looks gorgeous! I love the colour and how you added some texture to the background. I bet the mum-to-be loved it! :)
    xoxo Lauren

    1. thank you so much! The background is an old dress pattern glued on with mod podge to make it look crinkly.