Wednesday, 3 October 2012

If the shoe fits...

Day 3 of Blogtoberfest12 and today is going to be a quick blog because it's been a long day.

Today I took my two boys to the 'big smoke'  for their chiropractic appointments and while we were there, I bought some new shoes for my eldest son.

The shoe shop that we went to has been around for a very long time... My siblings and I have terrible memories of that shoe shop because that is where we had to get our school shoes when we were growing up. Our school didn't really have a strict uniform policy, but our family had the mum policy of what she says goes. So, we were not allowed to get funky, 'cool group' shoes, we were made to go to this particular shop and the get the ugly, 'nerdy' clod hoppers. Oh, how we despised these trips. It became a family joke that every time we even drove passed this shop one of us would moan and groan or stick our fingers down our throat.

Flash forward to today, when I am a Mum myself and want the best for my child, with proper fitting shoes. As I walked into this store as an adult, it made me cringe but it also made me laugh because I couldn't believe that my own son may in the future have such ordinary memories of this same shop. The staff were really lovely, and my son's feet were measured properly and shoes were found to fit his narrow trotters (something that I would never have even thought of to look for in a shoe). I purchased a couple of great pairs of shoes but only time will tell if my son thought they were as cool as I did!!!

So, I hate to say it, but thanks must go to my own Mum for caring enough about our feet and for introducing me to this great shoe shop but I don't think I will ever forgive you for the choice of shoes we had to have.


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