Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why my heart melted recently...

This week I received something absolutely beautiful from my Grandpa (also known as Bapa to my family!) First of all, there was a card that said simply...

And in a brown paper bag that came with this note was a gorgeous multi-colored crochet blanket...

Now there is a little story behind all of this but I think, first of all you need to know a little bit about my Bapa who is a bit of legend in our family!

First of all I have wrote a little poem that describes a bit about his life thus far... 

My Bapa fought in World War Two,
Defending our country for me and you.
On his return, 
He had a living to earn.
He became a soldier settler, 
To make his life better. 
He went to Kangaroo Island, 
With his wife, who beared five children.
There they toiled hard, 
To make a home and a working farm.
Although some times were rather tough,
The love that they shared was always enough.
As the family grew, 
And Grandchildren came along too,
I am lucky to hear first hand about those times ago, 
And thank my bapa for the freedom he gave us and for it, I owe. 

My Bapa will be 90 next year. For his 80th birthday he went on a camel trek in the Northern Territory. He is known for his sense of adventure, sense of humour, ability to talk to anyone and his big heart. My husband and I spent New Years Eve last year with my parents and grandparents (i know, i can hear you thinking - how exciting!) We went to a local favorite beach on Kangaroo Island. My Bapa decided to go for a swim - luckily this time he had some boxers with him, he has been known to do the old skinny dip or two in his time!

So that is just a little (tiny in fact) bit about my wonderful Bapa, so you can get to know and love him as much as I do....

Anyway back to the story behind the crochet rug I received from him...
A long time ago I bought my Bapa a hat for Christmas, but it wasn't any ordinary hat, it was one of those ones where you can put your drinks in the side of it and the straw bends down to fit in your mouth. I thought it would be good for him when he was thinking about getting a gopher...
Well, recently Bapa wore that hat to an Art Gallery opening ( don't worry, he wasn't the only one in a crazy hat!) And prizes were awarded for the best hat of the night. Guess who won and got to pick his prize... My Mama was eyeing off a gorgeous glass bowl but much to her dismay, Bapa chose the crochet blanket to "keep the baby WARM" because I had gave him the hat all those years ago!

So that is why my heart has melted in the last couple of weeks. I am extremely lucky to still have my Bapa who I love and adore. I can't wait to wrap my newborn baby in its very special rug and I cant wait for it to meet its 'Greatest' Grandpa for the very first time. 



  1. Just beautiful Jess xox

  2. Go Bapa! Such a champ and a beautiful story Jessica xo

  3. Thank you so much for your comments girls! I am glad that what I am writing is touching some hearts and minds! xo