Monday, 6 August 2012

One of those days..

Today is one of those 'burst into tears at any moment' kind of days! It is not because I am particularly sad about anything in particular but I think I am just a bit over it!!!

I'm over not sleeping soundly! Last night I woke every 2 hours as this 36 week old baby kicked, punched or squelched my bladder in two! And then when I did get back to bed- do you think I could get comfortable! I woke up with very sore hips where my widening sides dented into the bed!

I'm over having to be a referee! My beautiful boy has decided that being the Alpha male in social situations is a good thing?! I have spent this morning hauling him away from every other kid in sight as he decides that pushing and shoving is the way to perfect harmony! Meanwhile I am going through the age old questions of 'how come as a mother do I don't have the perfect child? Am I not giving my child enough attention? Am I giving him too much attention? YADA, YADA, YADA the self doubt continues!! Everyone does assure me that that my biffo boy is just going through a STAGE, which I am sure is the case, but still I would much rather he be the perfect little boy to everyone - high expectations MUCH!!!

Anyhoo, rant and whinge over! Life is actually not that bad, i still get loving cuddles and cheeky smiles from my little (temporary) Alpha male and this little baby inside me will be out into the big wide world soon. So for now I might just try and follow the following quote...

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