Saturday, 18 August 2012

38 weeks... tweedle dum, tweedle dee!

Well, I have reached the 38 week mark and can I just say I think I have been ready for this baby to make an appearance since about 32 weeks! So as you can imagine, I may just be a tad over this whole pregnancy get up!!!

Its really interesting 2nd time round... I think I know what to expect with those first signs and symptoms of labour. Last time I woke up in the middle of the night with an almighty period-like pain and 'a show' and it was all go from there on in!!! So this time, every little twinge and twang, I think to myself 'is this it'.

Another extra addition that me and my hubby have to think about is what are we going to do with our first child when baby number two decides to start making its way into the world... We have got plans about who will take him but we didn't counter in the fact that he would have a hacking cough, runny nose and hit a 'terrible-two' phase quite at the most inopportune time!!! I think yesterday, our beautiful son probably scared the bejeebees out of baby bump so that it wants to stay in there a whole lot longer and wait til the hurricane of the outside world calms down!!!

There also seems to be the added pressure this time round of this baby being born of times convenient to everyone else bar mother and baby!! Hubby would like me to wait til after Tuesday because of his work commitments. The midwife and doctor have given me their dates that they are away - so cross those legs honey!! And friends and family have given me dates that they are away or its their birthday so go for it this day!!! Arrrrgh!

But despite all those extra little pressures, I am enjoying feeling my baby kick to reassure me that everything is still as it should be on the inside. It is just the outside world that is a bit crazy!!! I think no matter what time this baby comes, something in the outside world is not going to be right so in the meantime, I'm drinking the rasberry leaf tea, walking as much as I can and tonight there might even have to be a rendevous in the bedroom with hubby to get some extra oxytocin flowing!!!

So i guess you will all have to wait with baited breath to see who 'wins' in the end... I'm thinking it might be baby number two who is the overall winner... what do you think?


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  1. i wont be devastated if u have 'it' while im away just so u know haha but if u could control it and chose then, id be pissed hahahaha jokes as long as i get a call whenever that may be and dont forget ill have no. 1 if at all possible :)