Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day 1 of #reverb12

This month I am taking part in #reverb12, which you can find out all about here

Today's prompt was the following...

Take a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself the question: how do you feel...
... in your body? in your mind? in your day job? in your creative life? in your heart?

So here goes...

I must be careful that I actually don't fall asleep while I am taking my moment, thanks to the fun of a an infant and a toddler and the sleep deprivation that they can sometimes bring. I must admit however, that with any luck, we are starting to come out of the blurry night feeding haze with my now 3 month old starting to sleep pretty much through the night. I know that all of those mothers with constant night wakers/feeders/screamers may want to gauge my eyes out right now but I think I did my fair share of sleepless nights with our first born so I think its only fair that one of my children may be more of a lover of sleep! (Now you can wait with baited breath to see that tonight my little sleeper decides to have a middle of the night meltdown because I have just jinxed myself by saying out loud how lucky I am this time round!)

So now to take a deep breath and ask myself how I feel in my body? Well, the thing I love most about breast feeding is that I can eat anything and not put on too much weight, which is awesome! So, while I eat cream buns and full fat yoghurt, my baby sucks most it out of me and is my little chubba bubba! (Hubby and I are not used to having a baby that actually has fat rolls!) Having said that though, I am feeling that I do need to get back into some sort of exercise. I started at the local gym after my eldest son was born and was really getting into it! Ihave been meaning to get back into the swing of things this time around but things just keep getting in the way! I MUST start back in the New Year! 

As for my mind, it's pretty good at the moment (touch wood!). As my family and friends would know that sometimes it all gets a bit much for me and I have my meltdowns where I am totally useless for a period of time. I HATE my anxiety and depression issues but luckily for me, that same family and friends are very supportive and are always there when I need them most! 

Moving on to my day job of 'stay at home mum': I am mostly enjoying it and have little intention of going back to my nursing/midwifery for a very long time. Somedays I do feel a bit like Diver Dan from 'Seachange' when he is on his little boat going around and around in circles asking 'Dear God, help me! I'm drowning!' but after a while you figure out how to steer your boat in a straight line for a while before you the next round of big waves hit!

As for the creative part of my life - as my Mum pointed out the other day, I am a doer! I hardly talk about what I am up to, I just go ahead and do it and you all find out about it later when I put photos up on facebook, instagram or here on the blog! I am also loving just getting in and having a go at new projects that I would never have had a go at before, such as this whole #reverb12 thing!

And finally in my heart - well it's pretty full! I am surrounded by my loving family and an awesome group of friends who I can call on whenever my heart is hurting! But most of all I am living in a testosterone infused household with my three men and although they are loud and their gas smells, they do give me the best smiles and the best cuddles a girl could ask for!

So how is your mind,body and soul holding up as we near the end of 2012?



  1. Lovely piece Jess ! I am experiencing 'end of year syndrome' but fortunately holidays are in sight !! X

    1. thanks Charlotte! Yay for holidays- and time to rest and recoup! x

  2. Loved this post! I remember those days of breastfeeding and being able to eat anything I wanted - especially when I had twins sucking out everything I had! :)

    1. Thanks Grace. I can't imagine feeding twins, I have enough trouble being at the beck and call of one some days let alone two!