Thursday, 6 September 2012

What would your child do for an M & M?

My hubby had a list of things he wanted to get done while he was on his two weeks paternity leave - one of those things was to get our two and a half year old to pedal his little red retro trike. 

Hubby firstly got rid of the old plastic trike with no pedals - to which our son was clued up to and had a little tantrum when he couldn't find it anywhere in the backyard. 

Next, Hubby used all his natural powers of persuasion to get our son firstly to get on the red trike and secondly to use the pedals to ride the trike properly. But to no avail. Our son continued to sit on the trike and use his feet on the ground to make that trike move.

Finally, hubby had, had enough and out came another form of fatherly persuasion - the M & M bribe...

As I sat watching and (admittedly) openly laughing at what was happening before me, I saw our son begin to obey his fathers commands. I thought to myself that my son might actually begin to bark like a dog! 

My son sat on the trike.... "for a treat". Then hubby put the treats back in his pocket and my son nearly pulled Daddy's pants down to get to another treat. But my son did sit back on his trike when he was told to... "for another treat".
My son then began to pedal his bike... "for a treat". And slowly but surely he began to pedal his bike for longer periods of time... and it only took about 10 M & M's!!!! I know this, because Hubby was counting every one of them! 

I find it so amusing how the male species use bribes so blatantly obviously and unashamedly with chocolate or money. I remember as a child, that my own Dad bribed me with money for every goal I scored at netball! (I didn't complain either!)

Whereas, I don't know about the rest of you but when I am going to bribe my child, I try to do it on the sly and with something half educational like stickers or a book!!!! 

In the end, I think every parent bribes their child in one form or another at some time in their life. Sometimes its to get through the day and sometimes its to sign off on one of your 'to do' items while your on paternity leave!

So, what have you asked your child to do for a treat?


  1. Well, sadly, I have to admit...toilet training! You would think that by child #5, we would have it all worked out, but here she is not so very far away from three and still not toilet trained. But having tried everything else, "desperate times called for desperate measures"...I relented to the 'reward' of a lolly for every 'success'...and that began a few months ago... One of her 'strengths' is stubborness, so I am guessing it will happen when she decides she is good and ready (and has had sufficient lollies to make it worth her while!)

  2. I think by child no. 5 you are definitely allowed some slack! I'm only up to child no. 1 with toilet training and it seems that bribes maybe required in this house too!

  3. Ahhh, yes! The power of "incentivising"! :-)
    Lovely to meet you and thrilled that you're joining us for Blogtoberfest12. xxx

    1. It is lovely to meet you too Kat, I'm excited about Blogtoberfest12 and a little nervous too being such a newbie blogger and trying to figure out all this technological stuff! x